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OHSD24 Statutory Medicals for Mine and Quarry Workers

This training program is a requirement for doctors completing mandatory medicals for Queensland mine and quarry workers. This training was established following the 2015 re-identification of mine dust lung disease in Queensland. An independent review of the respiratory component of the Coal Mine Workers’ Health Scheme made a number of recommendations for improvement, including a training program for doctors performing health assessments for coal mine workers. This program has now been extended to doctors performing respiratory health surveillance for mineral mine and quarry workers


Statutory Medicals for Mine and Quarry Workers 

Target Audience

Doctors performing medicals required under Queensland regulations for mine and quarry workers.

Course Description

           The purpose of this training program is to provide doctors with the necessary knowledge to:

  • Support the early detection of occupational health risks and minimise ongoing risks to workers by ensuring the delivery of high-quality mandatory medicals for coal mine, mineral mine and quarry workers in Queensland.
  • Understand the documents and administrative systems required by Resources Safety and Health Queensland (RSHQ); and
  • Comply with their obligations under the Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation 2017 and the Mining and Quarrying Safety and Health Regulation 2017, as well as relevant standards and guidelines that apply.

Course Requirement

Complete online modules and meet ongoing training requirements, such as attending the annual webinar and workshop and completing refresher modules.

Course Dates

Modules – eLearning self-paced
Annual Workshop – RSHQ will communicate registration information when dates are confirmed.
Annual webinar – RSHQ will communicate registration information when dates are confirmed.


Annual enrolment

Mode of Delivery

Modules and webinar – online (please ensure you are using Google Chrome as your web browser for accessing your learner portal). 
Annual workshop – in-person with Livestream option.

Delivery Location

The workshop will be held in person in Brisbane or a regional centre in Queensland. 

Course Cost

$550.00 including GST (payment by credit card only)  We do not accept payment via American Express

 Equipment Required

Access to a device with a connection to the internet to complete the modules and participate in the webinars.
Please check your junk mail (Spam) folders for enrolment confirmation details. 

Upcoming Programs

Name Course Start Date Course End Date Cost
OHSD Statutory Medical for Mine and Quarry workers – (Re-enrolling Learners Only) July 2024 01/07/2024 30/06/2025 $550.00
OHSD Statutory Medical for Mine and Quarry Workers – July 2024 01/07/2024 30/06/2025 $550.00