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The SSE online courses will assist in your preparation to take on the key role of Site Senior Executive (SSE) at a Queensland surface mine or quarry.
The objective of this training is to provide the knowledge required to assist SSEs to meet their obligations under the Queensland Mining and Quarrying Safety and Health Act 1999 and to improve the safety and health of workers in the small mine and quarrying industry.

Small Mines and Quarry SSE Online – Safety Awareness Program - $550 (incl GST)
  • Introduction to Safety Management Systems, and
  • Effective Risk Management, and
  • Incident Investigation, and
  • Electrical Awareness
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Safe Drilling and Blasting - $330 (incl. GST) 
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Certificate IV in Underground Coal Operations


Deputy’s/ERZ Controllers Course

This course will assist in your preparation to take on the key role of Deputy/ERZ Controller at an underground coal mine.  The nationally accredited units are tailored to give you the skills and knowledge to take on the responsibilities required to carry out inspections in accordance with s307 of the Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation 2017(Qld). Topics include gas management, methane drainage, mine ventilation, spontaneous combustion, and strata control.
Course Start Date
9th November 2020
 Course End date
30th November 2021
Delivery location
Delivery Length
12 Months
Mode of delivery
face-to-face workshops
Course Cost

Monitoring Respirable Dust in Coal Mines, Mineral and Quarries


BSBWHS419 – Contribute to implementing WHS monitoring processes
Monitoring Respirable Dust in Coal Mines, Mineral Mines and Quarries

This course was developed to provide training for persons carrying out respirable dust monitoring for Queensland coal, mineral mines and quarries.  This course is also applicable to those required to measure, collect, interpret, evaluate and report on workplace information and data in relation to respirable dust exposures in construction, manufacturing and processing industries.

Course length and mode of delivery
  • Two day face-to-face workshop
  • Pre-course readings and questions
  • In class practical assessments
Delivery Locations
  • Face-to-face workshops are delivered at training venues across Queensland and Australia
  • Cost of course is $1,400 (GST exempt)
  • For company group bookings, please contact Simtars

Small Mines and Quarry SSE Online Safety Awareness Program


The Simtars' SSE Online Safety Awareness Course includes 4 awareness units: Risk Assessment, Incident Investigation, Electrical Awareness and Safety and Health Management Systems.  These units are outlined in the Queensland Competencies recognised by the Mining Safety and Health Advisory Committee and will enable SSEs appointed to small mines and quarries to obtain prescribed safety awareness competencies. 

SSE Online - Safe Drilling and Blasting


From 1 July 2020, the Site Senior Executive (SSE) for a mine or quarry must hold evidence of successfully completing a recognised Safe Drilling and Blasting course. This topic has been developed by Queensland Mineral Mines and Quarries Inspectorate to meet the competency requirements.