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Certificate IV in Underground Coal Operations


Are you ready to take the next step in your mining career? Do you want to ensure a safe working environment at your mine and to apply the statutory requirements?

Simtars is keen to provide you with a solid pathway to a more senior role as Deputy/ERZ Controller. Our comprehensive training will bring out the best in you your technical skills and will further develop your leadership and communication skills to enable you to manage your district team as a capable, effective leader. 


Deputies/ERZ Controllers Course

RII40420 Certificate IV in Underground Coal Operations

    Target Audience

Persons wanting to become frontline supervisors as a Deputy/ERZ Controller at an underground coal mine.

    Course  Description   

This course will prepare you for a frontline supervisor’s role as a Deputy/ERZ Controller at an underground coal mine.

Simtars delivers and assesses 14 nationally accredited units, which includes the three SSHR units. You must obtain the shot-firing unit from another provider. The course is tailored to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to prepare you for the statutory examination process for mine Deputy/ERZ Controller in both New South Wales and Queensland. 

Our Trainers/Assessors have delivered this qualification for many years and have long-term high-quality experience in coal mining in Australia and internationally.

The trainer's contact time is 55 days in total of face-to-face classroom learning, which allows sufficient contact time for learning concepts to be understood.


    Course Dates            


12 Months 
    Mode of Delivery

Face-to-Face Workshops
    Delivery Location

    Course Cost


Course pre-readings, videos, activities, Face-to-Face Workshops and Mentoring

Written assessments, workplace projects, case study, oral presentation, Supervisor Verification (logbook)

Proposed Workshop Dates



Workshop Start

Workshop End


RIIERR402E Apply and monitor underground coal mine emergency preparedness and response systems




RIIUND401E Apply and monitor the ventilation management plan




RIIMCU403E Apply and monitor the gas management plan




RIIMCU404E Apply and monitor the gas drainage management plan




RIIMCU408E Apply the spontaneous combustion management plan




RIIMCU406E Apply and monitor the inrush management plan




RIIMCU407E Apply and monitor the strata management plan




RIIMCU405D Apply and monitor the outburst management plan




RIIMEX406D Apply and monitor mine transport system and production equipment




RIIRAI401D Apply and monitor mine services and infrastructure systems




RIIRIS402E Carry out the risk management processes
RIIRIS301E Apply risk management processes
RIICOM301E Communicate information
RIIWHS301E Conduct Safety and Health Investigations




BSBMGT401 Show leadership in the workplace
This unit will be online (not at a workshop). You can complete it in your own time throughout the course

Online Module 



Face-to-face workshops
  • You will participate in 1 face-to-face workshop each month for 5 days over the 11 workshops. Monday to Friday for each workshop will be face-to-face training; Friday will be for commencing work preparation and assessment. This allows time for learners to complete the assessment work prior to the next workshop. 
  • One unit is to be completed online in your own time, BSBMGT401 - Show leadership in the workplace. This also requires approximately 20 hours of Mentoring/logbook time
  • The course additionally includes the three units for the Site Safety and Health Representative (SSHR), to be delivered and assessed in Workshop 11 along with unit: RIIRIS402E - Carry out the risk management processes. It is strongly recommended that the full week is attended as a refresher, as this will support your learning towards the Board of Examiners (BOE) assessment.

Course pre-readings, videos, and activities
  • You will be provided with course pre-readings, videos, and activities electronically. It is estimated that these readings, videos, and activities will take approximately 15 hours to complete each month. 
Mentor program
  • It is recommended that you participate in the mentoring program where you will be required to engage with worksite personnel who can provide support for you throughout your studies. These may include the appointed ventilation officer, technical services manager, gas drainage superintendent, electrical maintenance (gas monitoring) supervisor, ERZ controllers, ventilation officers, and First-class mine manager.  
  • Simtars will provide a formal structure to you and your onsite mentors to guide your progress through the mentoring program, which includes a Mentor workbook and activities for you to carry out and discuss with the worksite personnel. It is estimated that the mentoring program will take approximately 240 hours to complete.


  • To obtain the units of competency, you will be required to undertake written assessments, workplace projects/case studies, and complete a workplace logbook with Deputy/ ERZ Controller verification.
  • Upon successful completion of all assessments, plus successful credit transfer of the shot-firing unit, you will be issued with a full qualification from Simtars (RTO 45647) for RII40420 Certificate IV in Underground Coal Operations. If only some of the units are completed, you will be issued a Statement of Attainment from Simtars (RTO 45647) for the units successfully completed.
Deputy/ERZ Controller logbook verification
  • You will need to organise the supervising Deputy/ERZ Controller to confirm your workplace logbook activities were completed by you and that you have discussed your findings with them. Simtars’ assessor will contact the supervising Deputy/ERZ Controller to verify the information provided. You can request an extension of time to submit assessments. See our Learner Handbook for more information.

 Trainer Assessor details

Phil Reed 

Entry requirements

To enrol in this course, you must:
  • Have a minimum of 3 years of recent operational experience at an underground coal mine.
  • Be currently employed in an Australian underground coal mine or by a mining contractor and have access to an underground mine and its safety and health management system (to undertake assessment), and a Deputy/ERZ Controller at the mine (to verify your workplace log book).
  • Demonstrate that you are at or exceed level 4 in foundation skills (see below).
  • Meet the following minimum age requirements:
    • If you work in a mine in Queensland: a minimum of 18 years of age
    • If you work in a mine in the Northern Territory: minimum of 19 years of age
    • If you work in a mine in Tasmania: a minimum of 19 years of age
    • if you work in a mine in New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, or Victoria: minimum of 20 years of age
  • It is highly recommended that you are proficient in the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook prior to enrolment. If you require an upgrade to your computer skills, we recommend using the free online tutorials available from Microsoft or attending a short course. These courses are not provided by Simtars.

Foundation skill requirements

  • To study in this course, you will be required to have core skills at level 4, or the ability to reach level 4 with support, on the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF). Simtars has an eLearning solution to assess Language, Literacy, Numeracy (LLN), and foundation skills.
  • Prior to enrolment, you will be sent an email with a link to complete the LLN initial assessment. If you do not reach the required foundation level, the LLN tool can provide tutorials to help you reach the required foundation skill level. For more information about Foundation Skills, see the ‘Choosing your Course’ section in our Learner Handbook.

Materials and equipment required

To study in this course, you must provide the following materials and equipment:
  • A laptop with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook accounts set up for emails
  • Access to the current Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999 (Qld)
  • Access to the current Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation 2017 (Qld)
  • Access to your mine’s SHMS documents including PHMPs, SOPs, Procedures, Standards, TARPs, etc.
  • A USB stick minimum (8GB)
  • Access to Wi-Fi
  • A notebook and pen

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

  • You can apply for RPL for each of the units of competency in this qualification. You will need to supply information on your work history and samples of work and may need to undertake assessments and/or an interview to determine whether you have met the competency standards.
  • RPL is assessed on a case-by-case basis. You can read more about RPL in our Learner Handbook or contact us to discuss your RPL options. 

Apply for enrolment - How to Apply

Complete the Application for Enrolment form online by going to the link: Apply Now
  • You will receive a confirmation email with the Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) assessment, complete it asap.
  • Once complete, your application will be reviewed and a letter of offer will be sent to you, should you qualify.
  • You must sign the letter of offer and return it to the designated email address.
  • You will then be invoiced for your course.
  • Fees are payable prior to the workshop start date.
  • Your application will be reviewed by Simtars prior to you being offered a place in the course. For more details, please read our Learner Handbook.
Phone: 61 (07)3810 6328  



  • $23980 (GST exempt).
  • For quotations, payment options, and company group bookings please contact Simtars.
  • Payment is required prior to all workshops.
  • Where a learner misses a workshop or part of a workshop, Simtars will attempt to place this learner into other courses being conducted. If this is not possible, learners will be required to attend a workshop at the end of the course to undertake the work they have missed. This will incur an additional cost for the supplementary workshop, plus venue and trainer accommodation costs.
  • Fees include costs of flights for the trainer, car hire/transfer costs for the trainer, all course material, and pre-course readings during each workshop.
  • Learner accommodation and food are not provided or included in course fees.
  • Government funding or subsidies are currently not available.

Payment Method

We offer the following payment methods for this course:
  • Credit card
  • Purchase order (for approved companies only) 
  • Payments may be made in installments. Please contact Simtars for details.
For more information about payment methods and payment terms, see the ‘Fees and Refunds’ section of the Learner Handbook.  For further information or to organize payment for your training, please contact Simtars on (07) 3810 6328 or email


  • Upon successful attendance and completion of all assessments and credit transfers, you will be issued a full qualification for RII40420 Certificate IV in Underground Coal Operations.
  • If only some of the units are successfully completed, you will be issued a Statement of Attainment from Simtars (RTO 45647) for the units successfully completed.

Board of Examiners 

  • Following successful completion of this qualification, you will need to apply for the Board of Examiners assessment in order to achieve a Deputy's Certificate of Competency. 
  • The qualification is recognised as a qualifying course for sitting the statutory exams for Mine Deputies in both NSW and Queensland. This cost is not included in the course.


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