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EzGas GC - 2day Training

Perform Analytical Procedures:
  • Demonstrate understanding of the chromatographic process
  • Set up instrument as per test method requirements
  • Analyse span gases and samples in accordance with procedures
  • Evaluate results
  • Identify and report atypical results promptly to appropriate personnel
  • Troubleshoot "out of range' or atypical results and identify probable causes
  • Shutdown equipment according to operating procedures 
  • Maintain equipment operating in optimum manner


The potential for a coal mine explosion is always present and with the coal mining industry expanding its underground operations, the risk of an uncontrolled spontaneous combustion or methane ignition/dust explosion is not diminishing.  In response to this risk, efforts are continually being directed into improving the means of early detection of gases indicative of spontaneous combustion, combustibility or toxicity.  

In an effort to identify and control hazardous gases in coal mining operations, several types of mine gas monitoring equipment exists and are classified in the Australian Standard AS 2290.3.  There are also a number of cases in which the determination of the gases hydrogen, ethane, ethylene and nitrogen will be required and the only applicable technique to monitor is gas chromatography (GC).

This training course is designed to give an overview of the GC, what it does and how it works.  How to use it on site, analysis procedures, understanding and recording the results as well as the transferral of information back to the Mine Operator and SIMTARS.  Maintenance of the equipment is also discussed.

Target Audience:

Mine Technical, Safety Operators, Mining Engineers, Operators, Control Room Operators 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Able to independently operate the EzGas Professional gas chromatograph
  • Apply recognised Gas Chromatography techniques to analyse specific mine gases
  • Understand the process of transfer and retrieval of EzGas Professional files for periodic audit by Simtars personnel
  • Apply maintenance strategies to the operation of the EzGas Professional system
  • Apply quality control procedures in the operation of the EzGas Professional system

Learning Methods:

Oral and written presentation over the two days.  Assessment consists of oral and written exam as well as a sample bag assessment.  Within 4 weeks completion of the training, the candidate MUST submit a completed sample bag analysis and email these test results to the Assessor.  A Certificate of Completion will then be issued once all modules are passed.  In extenuating circumstances, an extension of time could be granted if Assessor is consulted and agrees.

Program Benefits:

  • Understanding the hazardous gases and material on the mine site
  • Understanding the toxicity to the operator
  • Material combustibility identification
  • The main contributors to explosibility and fire
  • Understanding modern gas analysis techniques
  • Reading and understanding the results - data transferral
  • Increased awareness and mine safety around hazardous gases and material
  • Being able to alert others to the dangers - transferral of knowledge


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